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WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief meets Colombian president Gustavo Petro, who promised to press for the freedom of Julian Assange


WikiLeaks’ Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson and Joseph Farrell, WikiLeaks Ambassador, were received today in a one-hour private meeting with the Colombian President, Gustavo Petro and the Foreign Minister Alvaro Duran at the Presidential Palace of Nariño in Bogotá, Colombia

Kristinn Hrafnsson was quoted saying : “ I am extremely content with the outcome of the meeting with President Petro and the Foreign Minister Durán. They’ve shown their commitment and support for Julian Assange’s freedom, and strongly recognised the implications for press freedom worldwide that Assange’s extradition would set. In our meeting they pledged to assist in getting other leaders in the region to follow Colombia’s position and to collectively and individually urge the Biden administration to drop the charges brought by the Trump administration and grant Assange his long overdue freedom.”

WikiLeaks highlighted in the meeting with the President that the extradition treaty between the USA and UK bars extraditions for so-called political acts, under which Assange is charged.

The non-extradition of Julian Assange would simply mean that the USA is abiding by its own laws and longstanding international treaties.

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