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The National Union of Journalists (SNJ) in France calls on British authorities to release Assange

Two years ago today, Julian Assange was incarcerated in a British high security prison. He could only be taken out of it in overwhelming circumstances, to attend hearings where he was largely silenced. Last September, he was lugged daily from his cell to court, during the four-week trial on his extradition across the Atlantic.

If it has so far opposed the American request, the British justice refuses to give Julian Assange his freedom, on the pretext that he would take the opportunity not to appear in court during the appeal by the American side. An appeal that the Biden administration recently confirmed to have made.

As a reminder, the founder of WikiLeaks faces up to 175 years in prison in the United States, where he is notably accused of espionage. His crime: to have made it possible to reveal those of the American army in Iraq, in Afghanistan or even the conditions of detention in the prison of Guantánamo. The SNJ reiterates its support for Julian Assange, whose work has received journalism awards around the world and helped make possible the most massive public interest information leaks of the 21st century.

Julian Assange has, among other things, revealed the American espionage of the Elysee Palace: to good understanding …

The National Union of Journalists (SNJ), the profession’s leading organization, calls on all colleagues, to whom it has rendered an immense service to the detriment of his freedom and his health, to show him his support, to call on the British authorities to release him!

Paris le 11 Avril 2021

Read their statement from the official website.

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