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Geneva calls for the immediate release of Julian Assange

Press Conference

June 4, 2pm – Bains des Pâquis, Quai Wilson, Geneva

By video-conference on Zoom

In the name of the humanitarian values rooted in Geneva, City of Peace
and Human Rights, a dozen personalities, including the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer and the Mayor of Geneva, are mobilizing on June 4 to launch the “Geneva Call to Free Assange” #GVA_FreeAssange. The “AnythingToSay” statue dedicated to whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning as well as to Julian Assange will be installed at the same time on the Pâquis pier in front of the Geneva Jet d’eau.

The Geneva Appeal to free Assange, which includes six demands, will be made public and open for signature on June 4 at

The press conference will be broadcast live on, the YouTube channel of the Swiss Press Club, and on Facebook Live.

With the presence and participation of:
Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture
Stella Moris, Julian Assange’s fiancée
Frédérique Perler, Mayor of Geneva (from June 1st)
Yves Daccord, Director General of the ICRC (2010 – 2020), former journalist
Carlo Sommaruga, State Councillor, Swiss Parliament
Antoine Vey, Julian Assange’s attorney
Denis Masmejan, secretary general, Reporters Without Borders Switzerland
Jean Rossiaud, former geneva parliamentarian, initiator of the Swiss visa idea for Assange
Blaise Lempen, president of Press Emblem Campaign (PEC)
Joseph Farrell, WikiLeaks ambassador
Davide Dormino, sculptor (AnythingToSay?), member of DiEM25
Sarah Ducret, Association des Usagers des Bains des Pâquis
Christophe Deloire, Secretary general of Reporters Without Borders

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Go to the official Geneva Press Club website.

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