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Australian Members of Parliament call for Assange’s release

Australian Federal MP Andrew Wilkie, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson and Senator Janet Rice joined John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father during #HomeRun4Julian tour around Australia. Speaking at Parliament House in Canberra, Andrew Wilkie called on the Australian Government to press the US Government to drop the extradition:

“I can speak with personal experience of what a dreadful place Belmarsh prison is. It’s the last place to detain a journalist, it’s the last place to detain someone who won their court case and should have been allowed to walk free. This is indefinite detention – wrong on so many levels.”

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson sent a message to supporters and people to make a stand against the extradition of Julian Assange:

“If we go after the truth tellers of the Iraq war, what does it say about the importance of the truth? The road from here will only get more dark & more dangerous.”

Senator Janet Rice asked everyone for speaking up for Julian Assange to get him out of Belmarsh prison:

“For telling the truth, for revealing war crimes, for speaking truth to power. That’s why he is there because the powerful did not want to hear the truth that he was telling.”

Australian Member of Parliament Julian Hill also called on the Australian government to do the right thing to save Assange, saying this case is inherently political:

“The persecution of Julian Assange must end now. With the right diplomacy the Biden administration could conclude this immediately. The treatment of Assange corrupts our alliances with the US and makes a mockery of the UK’s justice system and international law.”

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson made a heartfelt appeal last week of February in the Australian Senate chamber to new Attorney General Merrick Garland and president Joe Biden urging them to cut the umbilical cord with Trump’s admin and #DropTheCharges against Assange once and for all.

Christine Milne Global Greens Ambassador and former Leader of the Australian Greens posted on her twitter:

@ScottMorrisonMP refuses to assist Assange because it’s LNP policy to silence those who expose crimes and protect those who committed them.”

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