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Assange Week – Julian turns 50

Six months have passed since an English court refused Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States – ruling that sending him to America would be so oppressive it would drive him to suicide. The US is now appealing that decision and the UK’s High Court is yet to announce whether it will grant permission for the appeal. This means Julian is spending 3rd birthday inside high-security Belmarsh prison. 

Show support by joining the global protest on 3rd July and write a birthday message to Julian telling him what actions you have taken to raise awareness of this case.

Press freedom groups and members of the UK Parliament will also be holding events during the Assange week, showing support and solidarity on the occasion of Julian’s 50th birthday.

Details subject to confirmations. We’ll continue to update this page with event details, how to get involved, video content, & more.

Sunday 26 June
Freedom for Julian Assange, San Francisco Bay Area Presents: Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Alice Walker will be joining the Shiptons live with Daniel Ellsberg , Noam Chomsky, Mamia Abu-Jamal and more.

Sunday 27 June
Julian Assange’s father John and brother Gabriel Shipton – Wrap up and overview of their US tour #HomeRun4Julian.

Monday 28 June
Reporters Without Borders (RSF) will be mobilising supporters around the world to send birthday messages to Julian Assange via Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #HappyBirthdayAssange. Tweets using the hashtag through his 50th birthday on 3rd July will be compiled and printed to be delivered to him in Belmarsh prison. Check @RSF_inter for key birthday messages that will be shared throughout #AssangeWeek.

“Julian Assange’s continued arbitrary detention as he begins another decade is a blight on the US and UK’s press freedom records. Let this be the last birthday he spends in Belmarsh or any prison. Join us in showing that it’s time to right this legal and moral wrong. Join our call to free Assange!” RSF’s Director of International Campaigns Rebecca Vincent.

Tuesday 29 June
11.30 am BSTMembers of Parliament Protest at Belmarsh prison about the ongoing refusal to allow a meeting between Julian Assange and a cross-party group of British parliamentarians. 

Ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 220 – Meeting between parliamentarians and Julian Assange

06:30 pm BSTFrom Guantanamo to Belmarsh, the story of imprisonment – In the evening join Julian Assange’s partner Stella Moris and Mohamadou Salahi, whose story of imprisonment in Guantanamo was recently told in the film The Mauritanian, for an online discussion. Moderated by Suzie Gilbert.

Wednesday 30 June
The National Union of Journalists – Important message from Tim Dawsn: Why Julian Assange should be freed now, and how we can stop extra-territorial judicial harassment for good.

Thursday 1 July
10.45 am BSTRiver Thames protest boat ride – Tickets available on Eventbrite.

Friday 2 July
11:00 am BST / 8pm AESTThreats to the freedom of the press in 21st century – Online panel with Chamira Gamage from Amnesty International Australia, Julian Assange’s lawyer Jen Robinson and Scott Ludlam, former Australian Senator. Moderated by journalist Mary Kostakidis.

Join Amnesty International Australia‘s movement of 110,000 Australians calling for the charges to be dropped, halt the extradition and release Julian Assange. Send your tweet now!

Saturday 3 July – Julian Assange’s 50th birthday
Picnic at Parliament Square for Julian Assange’s 50th birthday, from 1pm to 4pm BST. Please bring your own picnic. Due to Covid19 regulations, please wear face masks where required and use hand sanitizer regularly. Observe social distancing at all times.

Read messages collected for Julian Assange’s 50th birthday.

Monday 5 July – DiEM Voice organising a very special TV episode: Why are you so afraid of Julian Assange?
This exclusive episode will feature artists such as Davide Dormino and Angela Richter, who have been fighting over the years for Assange’s freedom, and for the future of the free press. They will discuss how the silencing of whistle-blowers, including cancel culture, hinders progressive change, and how art can have an impact in the defence of freedom of expression.

Thursday 6 JulyOR Books are offering a deep discounts this week in honor of Assange’s 50th birthday on Free Assange Reading List, with 10% off the purchase of one book, 20% off two, 30% off three, and 50% off four or more. Check out their website for book collections.

Thursday 8 July 6:30pm – Scotland for Assange
The growing campaign moves further to North. Join the conversation with Tommy Sheppard, SNP MP; George Kerevan, former associate Editor of the Scotsman and columnist for The National; Stella Moris, Julian Assange’s partner; and Kristinn Hrafnsson, WikiLeaks editor in chief.

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