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Assange Countdown to Freedom

With Randy Credico

Sunday, April 11,  will mark the two year anniversary of the kidnapping, incarceration, and torture of journalist and publisher Julian Assange.

Coincidentally April 11, 2017 marks the four year anniversary of the launch of Assange Countdown to Freedom. That initial show featured both Julian Assange and legendary filmmaker, author and war correspondent John Pilger.

Four years since the start of Countdown to Freedom, Pilger returns for his 12th significant appearance and typically pulls no punches in his scorching critique of the US and UK governments’ unrelenting ten year persecution of the courageous Wikileaks founder. In addition Mr. Pilger condemns, in no uncertain terms, the traitorous MSM shameless complicity with the powers that be  in its continuous sinister attempts to destroy Julian Assange.

The multi award winning John Pilger,  whose 61 critically important documentaries have been included on the archives of the British Library, categorically expounds on every incident and aspect of the kafkaesque treatment of Assange with his unequalled passion, knowledge and eloquence.

In addition, Nathan Fuller, executive director of the Courage Foundation, close the program with an update on Assange’s current legal status and upcoming events revolving around the two year arrest anniversary April 11.

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