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Amnesty Australia to Prime Minister Scott Morrison – Must Intervene and Demand the US Drop the Charges Against Julian Assange

25 October 2021

Ahead of the US appeal hearing on the extradition of Julian Assange, Amnesty International has written to both Prime Scott Morrison and Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne, urging the Australian Government to engage in a dialogue with the US and demand that all charges against Assange be dropped.

“The importance of protecting journalists and publishers who play such a crucial role in not only informing our public, but ensuring that governments are held accountable, has never been greater. In this respect, the charges against Assange and his subsequent treatment in Belmarsh Prison are of grave concern.”

Amnesty has received over half a million signatures from across the world, urging the United States to
drop the charges against Assange, with over 120,000 signatures added by Australians alone. These
are people who are urging governments like Australia to prioritise the rights of a free press, and
protect journalism around the world.

“I urgently request that you engage in a dialogue with the United States on the issue of Assange, and demand that all charges against him be dropped. Additionally, it is paramount that if Assange wishes, he be provided safe passage so he and his family can reunite safely in Australia.”