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Stella Assange’s first time visit in Australia

Stella Assange traveled first time in Australia where she addressed The National Press Club in Canberra with Jenifer Robinson, Australian Human Rights Lawyer and Barrister. You can watch the full press conference here:

In her first visit to the country she has met with cross-party Free Assange Parliamentary group alongside Julian’s brother Gabriel, father John Shipton and lawyer Jen Robinson to brief the politicians on Assange’s case. You can read Stella’s full speech here:

“Julian Assange is facing the very real possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars in a United States prison unable to witness his two young boys, Gabriel and Max, growing up just for exposing the truth,said Andrew Wilkie, an Independent member of Federal Parliament. “This political persecution of Julian strikes at the very heart of media freedom, as his extradition would set a frightening precedent for all journalists that they too are at risk of being locked up, just for doing their job.

She then joined the protest in Sydney alongside Julian Assange’s father John and brother Gabriel Shipton. “What I feel intensely is a concerted effort to bring Julian home from the Australian politicians, obviously from the government and also from the Australian population,” Stella said. She has called on the prime minister to help free her husband and she also appeared on Australia’s The Project where she explained how Julian’s health is deteriorating since during his time in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy and his incarcerations in Belmarsh Prison.

You can listen to Stella speaking at ABC Radio National where she discussed the push to secure her partner’s release. She also believes they are closer than ever to a resolution in Assange’s long-running case, securing Julian’s release from prison is a matter of life and death. Watch Stella’s full interview on ABC’s 730:

“Julian is in a 3x2m single cell. He’s in his cell for over 22 hours a day and he only gets to see his family once or twice a week for little more than one hour at a time“, Stella explained to Sky News Australia.

Julian Assange’s lawyer Jen Robinson was invited to Australia’s QandA show where she also spoke about Julian’s case and said that the US is “prosecuting journalism” in its bid to extradite the jailed Wikileaks founder and that it “diminishes our ability to raise free speech concerns internationally”.

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