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Stella Assange at Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023

The WikiLeaks founder’s wife traveled to Amsterdam for Bitcoin Conference to tell her story of what really happened to her husband and how Bitcoin became a part of their journey. She also hosted an exclusive Bitcoin Amsterdam Q&A session at “The Deep” Whale Lounge.

The 2023 edition of Bitcoin Amsterdam boasted an impressive lineup of speakers. Stella Assange, the wife of Julian Assange, the journalist imprisoned for exposing US war crimes, took the stage. Her presence underlined the event’s commitment to truth and transparency.

She broke her silence on the mysterious project Spartacus, which is attempting to store forever the entire contents of the Afghan War Logs on the Bitcoin blockchain. She went on to argue Bitcoin is opening up a new frontier for freedom via decentralized and immutable publishing.

The importance of press freedom and the societal impact of leaked information, such as the Afghan war logs, cannot be denied, and it is crucial to protect journalists like Julian Assange who provide transparency and hold those in power accountable.

During the Q&A, Stella expressed concern that ‘our reality is being interfered with’, and voiced concerns that ‘our authorities have ushered in a massive censorship complex’.

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