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Lugano’s Plan B Forum welcomes back Julian Assange’s family

A public lecture was held with Julian Assange’s family as a series of free events, open to all, on the topics of Bitcoin and freedom. It was moderated by Prof. Matthew Hibberd of USI – Institute for Media and Journalism with the participation of students of the course “The Platform Society” from USI – Università della Svizzera italiana.

The following day a panel about the fight for Julian Assange’s freedom at Plan B Forum in Lugano, Italy, was attended by his wife Stella Assange, his brother Gabriel and father John Shipton. The session was moderated by Rizzo, editor of Bitcoin Magazine.

Davide Dormino’s Anything to Say? statues were displayed throughout the weekend in Lugano where the participants of the conference could stand alongside the three heroes including the the Mayor of the city .

Part of Lugan’s Plan B Forum was Cypherpunk Art Exhibition of 12 portrait paintings of the most influential Original Cypherpunks. They “forged instruments to safeguard both personal privacy and individual freedom while also laying the cornerstone for #Bitcoin.”

Julian Assange’s portrait was among those exhibited. It was presented to Stella Assange by Adam Back. 

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