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Julian Assange awarded Konrad Wolf Prize prize by the German Academy of Arts

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange received the Konrad Wolf Prize from the Academy of Arts in Berlin. The academy announced that “this would honor his commitment to freedom of the press, transparency and democracy. Wikileaks exposed war crimes and crimes at the highest government level.”

Julian’s wife, the lawyer and human rights defender Stella Assange, accepted the 5,000 euro prize on behalf of her husband.

The jury statement says: “Julian Assange’s work and positions have focused our attention on illegal state actions, injustices, murders and war crimes – things that were meant to remain in the dark, concealed and obscured from the public view, from the citizens – from us.

His work embodies journalistic awareness-building at its best, and aims to change the world by democratic means – something that is direly needed”

This year’s jury consisted of Thomas Heise and Nele Hertling, both of whom are members of the Senate of the Akademie der Künste, as well as the screenplay author Thomas Wendrich.

Read Stella’s interview with Berliner Zeitung in German.

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