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The Parliament of Catalonia calls for the release of Julian Assange

The Parliament of Catalonia has asked for the freedom of journalists Julian Assange and Pablo González in a statement from the board of spokespersons promoted by the CUP and supported by Esquerra Republicana, Junts per Catalunya and En Comú Podem.

The letter says that the two journalists have been deprived of their freedom for many years just for having exercised their profession rigorously and that Assange has simply fulfilled his journalistic duty to inform.

The board of spokespersons had already issued a statement in February 2020 in support of Assange, so in this text they have shown their “reafe-startingness,” on the defence of their civil rights. In the letter they again ask for the freedom – unconditional and immediate – and demonstrate against possible extradition to the United States.

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