Lightning Talks: Assange Case – Next Steps

23 March 2021

UK Magistrates Court issued a ruling blocking the US government’s request to extradite Julian Assange. The court ruled that extraditing him would be unsafe and it accepted that the evidence showed a high likelihood that Julian would die if the UK decided to extradite him.

The extradition is an attempt to criminalise journalism, not just in the US but in the UK and the rest of the world as well; and that the decision to indict Julian was a political act, a violation of the treaty, a violation of his human rights.

With the growing support of politicians around the world, press freedom, civil liberties, and international human rights advocacy organizations raising awareness of the Assange indictment we discussed the steps we can take to save Julian Assange and with that press freedom and investigative journalism.


  • John Kiriakou, CIA torture whistleblower
  • Clare Daly, Member of the European Parliament
  • Peter Oborne, British author, The Assault on Truth
  • Taylor Hudak, Journalist & editor
  • Sami Ramadani, Iraqi Democrat
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