Campaign materials

Campaign materials – print

Print large BANNER or STICKERS from file.

Print large BANNER from file

Campaigning Leaflets

Leaflet Front – Click image for PDF
Leaflet Back – Click image for PDF

Campaigning core messages/Taglines

Free Assange / Free Julian Assange

Revealing war crimes is not a crime

Publishing is not a crime

Assange’s right to publish is our right to know

UK: Don’t Extradite Assange

Australia: Bring Assange Home

US: Drop the charges

Social Media Hashtags

#FreeAssange #FreeAssangeNOW #DontExtraditeAssange #NoExtradition #DropTheCharges #BringAssangeHome #Assange #PritiPlease #FreeJulianAssange

DEA Campaign Font / Colours

Inter Black – Click to download

White: #ffffff Red: #ff0000 Black: #000000

High Resolution photos of Julian Assange

Download the zip (248mb) or download the rar (129mb)

Other print resources: Somerset Bean or various artists

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