Press Releases

Julian Assange’s partner calls for his release on eve of extradition hearing + In-depth Press Briefing

6 September 2020

Call to action: PROTEST at the Old Bailey as Assange hearing starts

4 September 2020

Julian Assange’s partner launches crowdfund campaign to fight his extradition to United States

20 August 2020

Lawyers and academics call on Government to end Julian Assange extradition

17 August 2020

Chaos in Assange case management hearing

14 August 2020

Barr’s re-issued extradition request puts Assange September hearing in jeopardy

13 August 2020

DoJ may attempt to delay Assange hearing past US election, warns Assange’s partner

29 July 2020

Quote from Kristinn Hrafnsson: 27 July 2020 Westminster Magistrates’ Court Assange Hearing

27 July 2020

WikiLeaks, Afghan War Logs and Press Freedom

25 July 2020

Assange to appear over video link at Monday 27 July hearing

24 July 2020

Commons motion asks MPs to oppose extradition of Julian Assange

17 July 2020

Trade unionists back campaign to Free Assange

16 July 2020

The premiere of John Furse’s myth-busting new documentary ‘NOT IN OUR NAME: The Psychological Torture of Julian Assange’

10 July 2020

40+ Rights Groups Call on UK to Free Julian Assange

3 July 2020

Free speech and the Assange case

30 June 2020

‘We haven’t seen new indictment’ Assange’s lawyers tell court

29 June 2020

Assange’s lawyers to respond to US superseding indictment at Monday’s court hearing

28 June 2020

Assange’s partner makes a televised father’s day plea for his prison release

21 June 2020

Yet again Julian Assange and the press unable to attend court proceedings

1 June 2020

Covid risk for Julian Assange at next court hearing

28 May 2020

Assange extradition hearing set to restart 7th September

13 May 2020

Assange Extradition Hearing Date to Be Set Tomorrow

3 May 2020

Assange court hearing scheduled for April 27th

24 April 2020

WikiLeaks makes new content available free to broadcasters and websites

3 April 2020

WikiLeaks marks 10th anniversary of the ‘Collateral Murder’ video

2 April 2020

Campaigners slam ‘dangerous and cruel judgement’ to expose Julian Assange to coronavirus

25 March 2020

Assange to apply for bail as experts warn of COVID-19 spread in prisons

23 March 2020

Julian Assange must be released on fears of spread of coronavirus in prison

17 March 2020

WikiLeaks caused no harm admits US government

24 February 2020

Yanis Varoufakis visits Julian Assange day before hearing, press conference

22 February 2020

Saturday 22 February Assange protest

21 February 2020

National Union of Journalists (UK) issues resolution on Assange extradition case

13 November 2019