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  • Bring Assange Home Parliamentary Group goes to Washington
    The Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Group co-convenors, Independent Member for Clark Andrew Wilkie, Labor Member for Fremantle Josh Wilson, Liberal Member for Bass Bridget Archer, and Greens Senator for New South Wales David Shoebridge, discussed a letter signed by more than 60 Senators and Members from across the Federal Parliament in support of ending the prosecution and incarceration of Julian Assange. … Read more
  • Assange campaign launches first ever virtual political rally
    The Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign is launching the first ever virtual political rally to prevent the WikiLeaks founder from being sent to the US where he could face a 175 year jail sentence for journalistic activities. The event will be staged in a virtual auditorium looking like the Royal Courts of Justice in London where Assange is set to face his final … Read more
  • DEA at Stop the Arms Trade, ExCel
    War criminals are coming to London to showcase their weapons at ExCel and only a few miles away an innocent man is in jail whose only ‘crime’ was to publish evidence of war crimes committed by those weapons. DEA (Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign) is collaborating with dED (Demilitarise Education) on 6 September to highlight the opposition of the unjust treatment and prosecution … Read more
  • Cyclists for Assange
    Cyclists in London are a mass bike ride in the streets of London in support of Julian Assange. The protest bike ride highlights the unjust imprisonment of Julian Assange. The ride will take place on 23 September assembling from 1pm with a start at 2pm from HMP Belmarsh prison and ends at the Royal Courts of Justice with speeches at the end. … Read more
  • Julian Assange Awarded Konrad Wolf Prize 2023
    The Academy of Arts in Berlin awards the Konrad Wolf Prize 2023 to the journalist, publicist and publisher Julian Assange. “Julian Assange’s Wikileaks publicizes information about this – our – reality, so that we as citizens can recognize this reality and take action. ‘We open governments’ so that we know. It is a democratic act. Assange is a worthy laureate, who with … Read more
  • Petition To The House of Commons
    This is a public petition to the House of Commons presented by an MP. We are collecting as many signatures as possible across the UK asking the House of Commons to urge the Government to take action. Download the form below, include your name, address and phone number and return back to the address provided below. Text for the Petition WHEREAS: This … Read more
  • Julian Assange’s 52nd birthday – reactions and comments
  • Stella Assange’s first time visit in Australia
    Stella Assange traveled first time in Australia where she addressed The National Press Club in Canberra with Jenifer Robinson, Australian Human Rights Lawyer and Barrister. You can watch the full press conference here: In her first visit to the country she has met with cross-party Free Assange Parliamentary group alongside Julian’s brother Gabriel, father John Shipton and lawyer Jen Robinson to … Read more
  • Join the protest – Anything to Say in London
    On Saturday 24th June, Davide Dormino will bring his Anything to Say? statue to London for one day only! If you have anything to say, then join us in Parliament Square from 1pm.“Anything To Say?” is a life size bronze sculpture, portraying three figures each one standing on a chair. The fourth chair is empty because it is our chair. The one … Read more
  • Stella Assange’s speech at the Australian National Press Club
    National Press Club, 22 May 2023 It is a great pleasure to join you here today. I would like to thank the National Press Club for inviting me to speak here with you. Since I touched down at the airport in Sydney I have been greeted with enormous warmth, and although it is my first time coming to Australia, I do not … Read more
  • A Kingly Proposal
    5 May 2023 To His Majesty King Charles III, On the coronation of my liege, I thought it only fitting to extend a heartfelt invitation to you to commemorate this momentous occasion by visiting your very own kingdom within a kingdom: His Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh. You will no doubt recall the wise words of a renowned playwright: “The quality of mercy is … Read more
  • International clamour to free Assange grows on World Press Freedom Day
    On World Press Freedom Day Amnesty International and other human rights and journalists’ organisations have re-doubled their demand that Julian Assange be set free. Amnesty General Secretary Agnes Callamard called for the immediate release of Julian Assange at UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day opening ceremony. She said, “We need to resist double standards… It is not just what is happening in Iran or in Russia that … Read more
  • Brasilian lawmakers send letter to DOJ
    Up to 100 Brazilian parliamentarians sign letter urging the US to cease it prosecution of WikiLeaks journalist and publisher Julian Assange, citing chilling precedent that extradition would set for other journalists and publishers around the world
  • Mexican lawmakers ask US to withdraw charges against Julian Assange
    97 Mexican lawmakers join calls for immediate release of WikiLeaks journalist and publisher Julian Assange who has been detained 4 years at the UK’s maximum security Belmarsh prison. President Joseph BidenSpeaker of the House Kevin McCarthyThe White House1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.Washington, DC 20500 Dear Mr President of the United States of America,Dear Speaker of the House, We write to you as Members … Read more
  • Australian Lawmakers send a Letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland – Free Assange
    Australian parliamentarians from across political sides, MPs and senators, have signed a letter to US Attorney-General Merrick Garland urging him to end the pursuit of the WikiLeaks co-founder, coinciding with the fourth anniversary of Assange’s imprisonment in the UK prison. Andrew Wilkie MP, Independent Member for Clark in the Australian Federal Parliament said: “The widespread political concern for Julian Assange is a … Read more
  • Democrats call for AG Merrick Garland to cease proceedings against WikiLeaks Julian Assange
    U.S. policymakers cosigned a letter to AG Merrick Garland calling on the Department of Justice to uphold the First Amendment’s protections for the freedom of the press by dropping the Trump-era charges against Australian publisher Julian Assange and withdrawing the American extradition request currently pending with the British government. The letter is lead by Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib and joined by New … Read more
  • 4 years since Julian Assange has been incarcerated in the UK prison – Reactions and comments
  • UK Politicians Letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland – Drop the charges against Assange
    Over 30 Parliamentarians, from six parties as well as independent MPs and Lords, have written to the US Attorney General sent today, 11 April, requesting that he “ends the extradition proceedings against Julian Assange.” The British MPs are joined by lawmakers in the United States, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil who are also writing to the US government asking for proceedings against Assange to … Read more
  • Reporters Without Borders denied access to visit Julian Assange in Belmarsh prison
    Earlier today Reporters Without Borders’ (RSF’s) Secretary-General Christophe Deloire and Director of Operations and Campaigns Rebecca Vincent arrived to visit Julian Assange inside Belmarsh prison but were denied access at the last minute.RSF’s representatives had been granted permission to visit Assange before the four-year anniversary of his imprisonment in Belmarsh, where he has been held since 11 April 2019.Christophe Deloire, RSF Secretary-General, … Read more
  • III World Forum on Human Rights, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2023
    Public Statement We, the undersigned participants of the III World Forum on Human Rights, express our concern about the extradition requested by the United States of America in relation to the journalist and founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, currently on remand in subhuman conditions in the highsecurity prison of Belmarsh, in the United Kingdom. Extraditing Julian Assange would set a dangerous precedent … Read more
  • Guilty of Journalism – Book Conversation with Kevin Gosztola and Rebecca Vincent
    Kevin Gosztola will be in London to speak about his newly published book Guilty of Journalism, a carefully-documented analysis of the government’s case against Julian Assange and its implications for press freedom joined by Rebecca Vincent, the director of operations and campaigns for RSF. Vaughan Smith freelance video journalist and founded the Frontline Club in London will moderate the event. The legal … Read more
  • Luxembourg’s Parliament forms cross-party Julian Assange support group
    Parliamentarians in Luxembourg created a Free Assange support group calling on the US authorities to drop the charges against the WikiLeaks founder, demanding the immediate release of the journalist. “It is more than urgent to break the silence around Julian Assange. We demand the immediate release of the whistleblower.“ Oberweis Nathalie
  • a/political, WikiLeaks and the Team Behind Shangri-La Glastonbury Curate an Evening of Art, Music and Change.
    “It has never been more important to listen!”Robin Collings, Founder of Shangri-La Glastonbury “Music moves people. At its best, it signs, if not cries, out with truth. It can be the engine of change and an indispensable vessel for truth when states fail us.”Joseph Farrell WikiLeaks ambassador and Chloe Schlosberg, Wau Holland Foundation Date: 8th April at EARTH, HackneySHOW: Bugzy Malone, Eva … Read more
  • Guidance in relation to finding of 13 Dec 2022 of European Court of Human Rights re application by Assange
    Mr Assange’s appeal to the European Court of Human Rights cannot be heard at this time, but comments from the judges confirm an application can be made again to Strasbourg in the future should Mr Assange be dissatisfied with the progress or outcome of his case before the British courts. A panel of three European Court of Human Rights judges considered Mr … Read more
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and Athens Ithaka screening with Stella Assange
    8 and 9 March 2023, Greece The screening of “Ithaca – The battle for the release of Julian Assange” kicked off at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival ini crowded room, including the Secretary of MeRA25 Yanis Varoufakis. Following the screening at the documentary festival Amnesty International awarded the film as the best documentary in the “Human Rights” section, with the aim of … Read more
  • Stella Assange in Rome and Bologna, Italy
    7 March 2023 Rome, Italy The Faculty of Political Science of the Sapienza University of Rome was packed with students addressed by Stella Assange, MEP Sabrina Pignedoli, Prof. Maria Cristina Marchetti and Prof. Alessandro Guerra. Chaired by journalist Riccardo Iacona, who hosts the popular TV series Presa Diretta, emphasized how much the Assange case “touches us all, touches the core of European … Read more
  • Darkness into light: Night Carnival for Assange
    The latest expression of support for Assange was the 2,000 strong Night Carnival protest in London. The carnival was led by Lady Justice followed by artists and campaigners dressed in costumes carrying lanterns, placards, flags including samba bands marching along the crowd. Symbolically it began at Lincoln’s Inn Field. Famously, this is the place where Charles Dickens novel Bleak House pictured the … Read more
  • Press Release: Night Carnival For Julian Assange
    In just a few days the Night Carnival for Julian Assange will be coming to central London. It will meet at Lincoln’s Inn Fields (nearest tube Holborn) at 4pm on Saturday 11 February and marching Parliament Square and then to a rally in the Emmanuel Centre just around the corner from Parliament. The carnival will be led by a giant puppet of Lady Justice, and will feature street performers, … Read more
  • Assange Odysseia, 23 January 2023, Strasbourg, France
    Théâtre National de Strasbourg and the TJP – Centre Dramatique National de Strasbourg Grand-Est brought together the Assange Odysseia, created by Sahra Datoussaid and Sarah Siré. Inspired by the narrative form of Homer’s Odyssey, Assange Odysseia tells the story of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and, with the help of witnesses, experts as well as political and cultural figures, sheds light on facts … Read more
  • Ithaka – Special Parliamentary Screening
    Richard Burgon MP is hosting a special parliamentary screening of Ithaka, an award-winning new documentary on the fight to free Julian Assange. There will be a follow up discussion with Julian’s wife Stella Assange. When: 31 January, 7pm Where: London Wilson Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons Contact your MP to attend the screening and understand what is at stake in Julian … Read more
  • Sakharov award ceremony at the European Parliament
    Julian Assange’s wife Stella was speaking at the European Parliament Press Seminar on the Sakharov Prize on Tuesday 14 December for which the publisher was nominated as a finalist. Julian Assange was selected as one of three finalists for the prestigious Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, awarded each year by the European Union Parliament. More than 40 MEPs nominated Julian Assange … Read more
  • WikiLeaks delegation meets Bolivian President Luis Arce to discuss ongoing prosecution of Julian Assange/ President calls for release of Assange
    Bolivia President, Luis [Lucho] Arce, received WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson and Joseph Farrell, WikiLeaks Ambassador, in the capital La Paz on Saturday at the Casa Grande del Pueblo (17 December 2022) to discuss the case of WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange who has been detained for his publications which exposed evidence of government crime, corruption and brazen human rights violations and faces 175 … Read more
  • 45 MEPs and journalist federations sign open letter to US President Biden
    Strasbourg 15/12/2022 – Members of the European Parliament address US President Joe Biden in an open letter co-signed by 41 EU lawmakers, NGOs, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and many more, asking him to pardon Julian Assange. For over a decade, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have been at the forefront of investigative journalism, publishing information that has revealed significant abuses of … Read more
  • The Brazilian Senate Human Rights Commission receives Wikileaks and holds hearing on Freedom of Press, Opinion and Right to Information
    The Commission on Human Rights and Participative Legislation (CDH) of the Federal Senate of Brazil has held an interactive public hearing to shed light at the numerous cases of attacks and threats to the work of journalists in Brazil and around the world, including the Julian Assange case. The hearing was held at the initiative of Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE), who presided … Read more
  • Belmarsh prison refuses permission for Julian Assange to participate in European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize award
    PRESS RELEASE Belmarsh prison authorities have refused permission for Julian Assange to participate via video link in meetings and press conferences taking place this week during the plenary of the European Parliament.The events have been arranged by EU politicians from across the political spectrum to discuss his imprisonment and prosecution, following his selection as a finalist in this year’s Sakharov Prize, the … Read more
  • SAVE THE DATE: Press Conference With Stella Assange at the European Parliament in Strasbourg
    PRESS RELEASE The 5 Star delegation is pleased to invite you to the press conference “The Julian Assange case: Publishing is not a crime” that will take place on Tuesday December 13, from 17h00 to 17h30 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Daphne Caruana Galizia room – Weiss N-1/201.Julian Assange is a finalist for the Sakharov Prize 2022, the European Union’s highest … Read more
  • Wikileaks representatives meet with the President of Argentina
    After the meetings with President of Colombia Gustavo Petro and President-elect of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Wikileaks Editor-In-Chief, Kristinn Hrafnsson, and Joseph Farrell, WikiLeaks Ambassador were received by President of Argentina Alberto Fernández. They discussed Julian Assange’s plight and the ongoing extradition battle. After the meeting Hrafnsson stated that “the President told us that he would support our mission”, adding … Read more
  • Elon Musk twitter poll: Should Assange and Snowden be pardoned?
    PRESS RELEASE Twitter CEO Elon Musk has launched a poll on twitter asking whether Assange and Snowden should be pardoned. Thus far, over 80 percent of users have voted in favour, The poll closes in approximately 9 hours from this e-mail. poll comes after the editors and publishers of 5 media organisations who partnered with WikiLeaks – The Guardian, Le Monde, El … Read more
  • Brazilian cross-party Parliamentarians approve resolution urging American authorities to drop the charges against Julian Assange
    Parliamentarians from the Brazil of Hope Federation (PT, PCdoB and PV) announced this Tuesday (29 November 2022) support for the international movement for the release of Australian journalist Julian Assange. In a letter sent to the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, the parliamentarians are against the extradition of Assange to … Read more
  • WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief meets Brazilian president Lula da Silva
    PRESS RELEASE Brazilian President Elect, Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, welcomed Kristinn Hrafnsson, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief, and Joseph Farrell, WikiLeaks Ambassador, in a private meeting in the capital Brasilia yesterday (28 November 2022) to discuss the condition of Julian Assange’s detention for his WikiLeaks publications which exposed evidence of government crime, corruption at the highest level and flagrant war crimes. Lula, a former … Read more
  • Julian Assange receives the Almudena Grandes Award for freedom of expression
    The Almudena Grandes Award for freedom of expression was collected by the imprisoned journalist’s wife, Stella Assange, and was delivered by the director of El País, Pepa Bueno. “Julian is a political prisoner. The right to truth is a fundamental right. The United States has turned journalism into a criminal activity,” she stressed about Washington’s obsession with extraditing her husband to stand … Read more
    an evening of solidarity with writers at risk
    2 December 2022 – 7.00 to 8.30 PM 13 Norfolk Place, London, W2 1QJ The Frontline Club, PEN International, and English PEN are delighted to invite you to an evening of reflection on how literature, journalism, and other forms of writing are both the target of censorship and a powerful tool for advocating for freedom of expression, and how global communities can … Read more
  • Night Carnival for Assange
    After a successful #FreeAssange #HumanChain event last October we are going to take the streets of London for a Night Carnival in cooperation with the Wau Holland Foundation. Bring torches, lanterns, masks, drums, pots and pans! Date and time Saturday, February 11, 2023, 4:00 PM GMT Assemble Lincoln’s Inn Fields, WC2A 3LJ London, United Kingdom Emmanuel Centre rally At the end of … Read more
  • WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief meets Colombian president Gustavo Petro, who promised to press for the freedom of Julian Assange
    PRESS RELEASE WikiLeaks’ Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson and Joseph Farrell, WikiLeaks Ambassador, were received today in a one-hour private meeting with the Colombian President, Gustavo Petro and the Foreign Minister Alvaro Duran at the Presidential Palace of Nariño in Bogotá, Colombia Kristinn Hrafnsson was quoted saying : “ I am extremely content with the outcome of the meeting with President Petro and the … Read more
  • Letter to allow Julian Assange to attend Sakharov Prize
    The President of the International Federation of Journalists and other MEPs have called on the President of the EU Parliament to work to ensure that Julian Assange can attend the Sakharov Prize ceremony as a nominee. The letter has been sent after Julian Assange was selected as one of three finalists for the European Parliaments Sakharov Prize 2022 along with the people … Read more
  • Lugano’s Plan B:The Attack on Julian Assange is an Attack on Freedom of Speech
    Lugano’s Plan ₿ Forum is the premier Bitcoin conference hosted by Tether Operations Limited and the City of Lugano in Switzerland. The Forum featured blockchain industry leaders along with influential experts in global financial markets and the Bitcoin ecosystem at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano on October 28th and 29th 2022 The list of speakers to discuss how Bitcoin is disrupting … Read more
  • Julian Assange receives Weizenbaum Award for Peace and Social Responsibility
    22 October 2022 Berlin, Germany Julian Assange received this year’s Weizenbaum Prize for Peace and Social Responsibility for his work as an “outstanding journalist”, for his “creative use of technology” and for his merits and courage. His wife, Stella Assange, accepted the award on Saturday, October 22 on his behalf. The prize is named after Joseph Weizenbaum. The influential computer scientist and … Read more
  • A conversation with Stella Moris, Julian Assange’s wife
    Skram, Litteraturhuset in Oslo, 25 November 2022 Musical performance by Lars Klevstand. In the panel: – Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe (2009-2019), former prime minister of Norway, former minister of foreign affairs. – Sofie Marhaug, member of the Norwegian Parliament (MP), initiator of the support group for Julian Assange in the Parliament. – Gisle Selnes, professor of Literature … Read more
  • Julian Assange One of Three Finalists for the Sakharov Prize 2022
    13 October 2022, 12:40 BST Today Julian Assange has been selected as one of three finalists for the prestigious Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, awarded each year by the European Union Parliament. The Sakharov Prize is an honorary prize awarded to an individual or group who has dedicated their lives to the defence of human rights. The winner will be announced … Read more
  • Documentary ‘Ithaka’ about Julian Assange opened the fifth Human Rights Film Festival in Berlin
    The fifth Human Rights Film Festival Berlin presented 41 films on the current state of human rights in the world from 13 to 23 October 2022. The festival’s opening film was ITHAKA: a powerful portrait of the family of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reveals the personal consequences of his fight for the truth.  The film celebrated its German premiere on 13 October … Read more
  • Stella Assange, Wife Of Imprisoned WikiLeaks Founder, Fights For Power Against Authority At Bitcoin Amsterdam
    At Bitcoin Amsterdam, Stella Assange advocated for her husband Julian’s freedom, drawing parallels between Bitcoin and WikiLeaks. Stella Assange, wife of Julian Assange, the founder of classified document publisher WikiLeaks who has been confined to a London prison since 2019, took the stage at the Bitcoin Amsterdam event today in a keynote presentation titled “Free Assange.” She described the parallels between Bitcoin … Read more
  • Julian Assange’s wife in the European Parliament for the Sakharov Prize nomination
    BRUSSELS, 11 October 2022 MEP Sabrina Pignedoli and the 5 Star Movement officially presented the candidacy in the first phase of the selection for the Sakharov Prize, the highest recognition awarded by the Eurochamber to those who stand out in the battle for respect for human rights. “My husband’s is a political case, Julian is a political prisoner, awards such as the … Read more
  • Hacking Justice: Julian Assange film screening and panel discussion
    Register for the launch of a new campaign in solidarity with Julian Assange, including a livestreamed screening of “Hacking Justice” + Q&A Amnesty International UK 25 New Inn Yard London EC2A 3EA United Kingdom Date and time Tue, 11 October 2022, 18:00 – 20:30 BST About the event A new activist-led campaign on press freedom launches this month focusing on the case … Read more
  • Stella Assange at Wired Next Fest 2022, Italy
    The first meeting of the Wired Next Fest 2022 in Milan talked about Wikileaks and Julian Assange: a case that goes to the heart of the freedom of the press of the democracy of the future. Stella Assange, first guest of the Wired Next Fest Milan 2022 said that “Julian’s case represents the destiny of our future”. In a room packed with … Read more
  • Julian Assange receives Keys to Mexico City
    The Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, named Julian Assange a Distinguished Guest and delivered the Keys to the City to the family of the founder of WikiLeaks, who is in Mexico at the invitation of the Presidency to the celebrations for the anniversary of the independence. “Julian Assange represents the truth, he represents freedom of expression and never, anywhere … Read more
  • Free Assange Human Chain 8 October
    Thousands of people have now pledged to surround UK parliament on Oct 8th by forming a Human Chain. Supporters around the world are holding rallies in solidarity including in Washington DC, with a great line up of speakers like Ben & Jerry’s cofounder Ben Cohen, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges, EPA whistleblower Marsha Coleman-Adepayo, and CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou and more, which … Read more
  • Julian Assange receives honorary card of the Order of Journalists and becomes an honorary citizen of Pescara & Lucera, Italy
    On Monday 5 September 2022 Julian Assange has been a awarded the honorary card of the Order of Italian Journalists. President Carlo Bartoli with the secretary Paola Spadari Venice officially delivered the card to Stefania Maurizi, a close collaborator, with the Casa degli Autori on the Lido of Venice, where the event was held. The occasion was promoted by the Audiovisual Archive … Read more
  • PRESS RELEASE: Julian Assange Files his Perfected Grounds of Appeal
    PRESS RELEASE Today, 26 August 2022, Julian Assange is filing his Perfected Grounds of Appeal before the High Court of Justice Administrative Court. The Respondents are the Government of the United States and the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Priti Patel. The Perfected Grounds of Appeal contain the arguments on which Julian Assange intends to challenge District Judge Vanessa Baraitser’s … Read more
  • The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, met with Assange’s wife
    25 August 2022 ENGLISHToday, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, met with Julian Assange’s wife, Stella Assange, and Mr. Assange’s Spanish lawyers, Baltasar Garzón and Aitor Martínez, at the Palais Wilson in Geneva. At the meeting, the High Commissioner was informed about the human rights violations against Julian Assange, the risk to his life if he is extradited … Read more
  • Attorneys and Journalists Illegally Searched During Visits with Julian Assange Sue CIA and Michael Pompeo
    Press Conference Legal Filing
  • Against the extradition of Julian Assange to the US
    By Sevim Dagdelen, 08 July 2022 Members of parliament from the DIE LINKE, SPD, Greens and FDP parliamentary groups speak out against the extradition of the journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the USA: Journalists must not be persecuted or punished for their work anywhere. UK Home Secretary Priti Patel’s decision on June 17, 2022 to authorize the extradition of journalist, … Read more
  • London Bus Tour for Julian Assange’s 51st birthday
    As Julian Assange turns 51 his legal defence team has lodged an appeal to prevent his extradition to the US. Last month, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel approved Assange’s extradition, with her office saying British courts had concluded his extradition would not be incompatible with his human rights, and that he would be treated appropriately. Supporters of Assange held protests ahead of … Read more
  • The Assange case: International solidarity and implications for press freedom globally
    International and national organisations from Brazil organized a parallel online event to the 50th Ordinary Session of the UN Human Rights Council. The main speakers of the event were Stella Assange, wife of Julian Assange, Vijay Prashad, journalist (International Peoples’ Assembly), Zuliana Lainez, vice-president of the IFJ (International Federation of Journalists), and Rebecca Vincent, director of campaigns of Reporters Without Borders (RSF). … Read more
  • Journalists associations, media, Editors-in-chief, mobilize in support of Julian Assange
    At the invitation of the Geneva Press Club/Club suisse de la presse, Swiss and international organizations of journalists and editors call with one voice for the release of Julian Assange in the name of press freedom on June 22 at the Swiss Press Club in Geneva at 11:00 am CEST. A broad-based coalition of journalists and media outlets has been formed after … Read more
  • Statements on today’s decision of Patel’s approval to extradite Julian Assange
  • BREAKING: Extradition Statement: Patel approves extradition
    This is a dark day for Press freedom and for British democracy. Anyone in this country who cares about freedom of expression should be deeply ashamed that the Home Secretary has approved the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States, the country that plotted his assassination.Julian did nothing wrong. He has committed no crime and is not a criminal. He is … Read more
  • Check out Stella Assange’s latest interviews
    BBC HARDtalk: Will Julian Assange be extradited to the US? Stephen Sackur spoke to lawyer Stella Moris, wife of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and mother of two of his children. Watch full interview for UK only on BBC iPlayer. You can listen to the interview on BBC UK Sounds. The full video is also available to watch here. Double Down News: The … Read more
  • Letter from Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace laureate to UK Secretary of State Priti Patel
    The Rt. Hon Priti PatelSecretary of State for the Home Department2 Marsham StreetLondonSW1P 4DF 19 May 2022 Dear Home Secretary, I am writing to you with deep concerns for the safety of Mr Julian Paul Assange who is facing extradition to the United States. I am writing to ask you to reject the US government’s extradition request of Mr Assange, a decision … Read more
  • Assange awarded German Günter Wallraff Prize 2022 in journalism
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange receives the “Günter Wallraff Prize” at an event hosted by Deutschlandfunk in Cologne. The prize was awarded to his wife Stella Assange during the 6th Cologne Forum for Journalism Criticism. It honors critical journalism and civil courage on behalf of Günter Wallraff, Germany’s best-known investigative journalist. Deutschlandfunk editor-in-chief Birgit Wentzien made a clear statement: “Putting grievances public is … Read more
  • Reporters Without Borders petition and Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights letter to Priti Patel
    Reporters Without Borders (RSF) delivered a petition last week, calling on UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to reject the extradition of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange to the United States. They urged Patel not to sign the extradition order and instead act to protect journalism and press freedom by releasing Assange without further delay. “We are grateful to supporters from around the world … Read more
  • Julian Assange documentary screening in London’s Curzon Soho Cinema
    The documentary film “Hacking Justice: Julian Assange”, made by Clara López Rubio and Juan Pancorbo, was shown first time in London’s cinema last Wednesday. It has been broadcast previously on several European television outlets and shown at Film Festivals around the world. The screening was followed up by a live Q&A with Julian Assange’s wife Stella Assange, UK Member of Parliament Apsana … Read more
  • Protest in front of Home Office to Free Assange
    As Julian Assange’s defence submitted its final arguments to Home Secretary Priti Patel on May 17th, within two weeks she will make a decision whether or not to extradite Julian Assange to the United States. A protest was held in front of the Home Office in London where Assange’s partner Stella Assange addressed the crowd: “Give the message loud and clear to … Read more
  • Parliamentary Representatives of Norwegian Storting ask the British not to extradite Assange
    Norwegian parliamentary representatives have written a letter to the British Home Secretary Priti Patel asking her not to extradite Julian Assange to the United States. “The decision you are now about to make on behalf of the British government, is extremely important not only for your own country, but also for Europe and the rest of the world” the letter states. Rødt’s … Read more
  • Members of the European Parliament call for the immediate release of Julian Assange
    12 May 2022, Brussels At the initiative of PCP MEPs in the European Parliament (EP), 45 MEPs from various EP political groups call for the immediate release of Julian Assange. The attached text appeals to the UK Secretary of State for Home Affairs, Ms. Priti Patel, to refuse the extradition of Julian Assange to the US and to the US Attorney General, … Read more
  • Protest To Priti Patel May 17th
    Priti Patel must make the right choice. She must save Free Speech and Press Freedom. She must Free Assange. Priti Patel, Don’t Extradite Assange! Julian Assange’s defence is providing it’s final arguments to Priti Patel on May 17th. Anytime after this date up to May 31st she has to make a decision whether or not to extradite Julian Assange to the United … Read more
  • Journalists launch a manifesto in Brazil against the extradition of Julian Assange on World Press Freedom Day
    Assange’s imprisonment and threat to extradite him areassaults on press freedom around the world On 3 May 2022, World Press Freedom Day, journalists aroundthe world make it their duty to pay tribute to Julian Assange.Through his struggle, determination and example, Assange hasbeen instrumental to advancing knowledge and protecting theright to information around the world. Incarcerated in a maximum security prison in England … Read more
  • Letter from 25 French deputies to President Macron – Find a solution with the USA to free Assange and defend the freedom to inform
  • Council of Europe – Extradition proceedings of Julian Assange pose global threat to press freedom
    Annual Report 2022 by the partner organisations to the Council of Europe Platform to Promote the Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists. The case of Julian Assange has been particularly scrutinised. The Wikileaks founder has been in detention since April 2019 in the UK. Press freedom groups consider the US extradition proceedings, based on the US 1917 Espionage Act, as a … Read more
  • Cross Party group of 37 German parliamentarians call to stop extradition of Julian Assange on World Press Freedom day
    Members of the German Bundestag To: Mr Richard Burgon MP Mr David Davis MP Ms Diane Abbot MP Ms Caroline Lucas MP Mr Tommy Sheppard Mp Mr John McDonnell MP Mr Jeremy Corbyn MP Mr Kenny MacAskill MP Ms Apsana Begum MP Mr Ian Byrne MP Mr Neale Hanvey MP Ms Bell Addy-Ribeiro MP Ms Claudia Webbe MPMs Kate Osborne MP Mr … Read more
  • Italian politicians urge UK government against Assange extradition
    We, the undersigned men and women from the world of politics, journalism and academia, turn to you in view of the crucial decision that you are called to take with respect to the extradition request of the publisher and journalist Julian Assange, urging you not to accept this request. We believe that the decision will mark a fundamental page of the right … Read more
  • Press freedom groups send letter calling on UK Home Secretary to free Assange
    April 22, 2022 — PEN International joins Reporters Without Borders and 17 organisations – including English PEN, German PEN, PEN Melbourne, PEN Norway, PEN Sydney, Scottish PEN, Slovene PEN and Swedish PEN – in calling on UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to reject Julian Assange’s extradition to the US and to release him from prison. The Rt. Hon Priti Patel Secretary of … Read more
  • One step closer to extradition: rights groups call on Home Secretary to free Assange
    April 22, 2022 — On Wednesday, a UK magistrates judge ordered the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States, where he will face an unpredented prosecution threatening 175 years in prison for publishing truthful information in the public interest. The decision now moves to UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, to sign off on the extradition order. The defense have until May … Read more
  • Letter from Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace laureate
    URGENT A court in Great Britain ordered the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States. This decision leads to a death sentence for defending freedom of the press.We call on all media, journalists who fight for freedom to speak out and demand the freedom of Julian Assange who with civic courage, publishes US documents that violate human and peoples’ rights.Allowing Julian … Read more
  • Julian Assange awarded the Audálio Dantas trophy for Indignation, Courage and Hope, in São Paulo, Brazil
    The Audálio Dantas trophy – Indignation, Courage and Hope was awarded to the Australian journalist, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and given to Carmen Diniz, coordinator of the Brazil Chapter of the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity to Peoples by historian José Luis Del Royo. The ceremony took place at Vladimir Herzog Memorial Square and was attended by hundreds of people, … Read more
  • Three years since Julian Assange’s arrest from the Ecuador Embassy – Reactions & Statements
    The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, Federal President Karen Percy “The charges against Assange are an affront to journalists everywhere and a threat to press freedom. “The US Government must see reason and drop these charges, and the Australian Government should be doing all it can to represent the interests of an Australian citizen.” Australian Independent Federal MP Andrew Wilkie Sevim Dağdelen, … Read more
  • Progressive Leaders call on US President Joe Biden to drop the charges against Julian Assange
    On the third anniversary of Julian Assange’s imprisonment at Belmarsh Prison in London, progressive leaders, intellectuals, and former heads of state from across the world including including Dilma Rousseff, Yanis Varoufakis, Roger Waters, and others, call on US officials to drop the charges against him. Today also marks the three year anniversary of when Julian Assange was dragged out of the Ecuadorian … Read more
  • Stella Moris statement on UK Supreme Court’s refusal to hear Assange Appeal
    Reacting to the UK Supreme Court’s refusal to hear Julian Assange’s appeal, his fiancee Stella Moris said: “Just this morning on our way to school, our four-year-old son asked me when daddy will come home. Julian’s life is being treated as if it were expendable. He has been robbed of over a decade of liberty, and three years from his home and … Read more
  • Julian Assange awarded Dr Karl Renner Solidarity prize by Austrian Journalists’ Club ÖJC
    The Austrian Journalists’ Club ÖJC presented the 2021 Journalist Awards, as part of Austrian Media Day, Dr Karl Renner Solidarity prize to Julian Assange. His partner and fiancée Stella Moris accepted the award in Vienna on Monday evening saying “There is a dark cloud hanging over Europe, over Belmarsh prison in London, over the whole world. As long as Julian Assange is … Read more
  • Courage Foundation: Russiagate Smears Against WikiLeaks
    Russiagate Smears Against WikiLeaks (Source: Courage Foundation, 2019) 2020 Follow up: Update-on-2016-releases.pdf Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have been the subject of numerous false, unfounded smears of connection to the Russian government, particularly in relation to WikiLeaks’ 2016 publication of DNC emails. In this brief we recount some of the most pervasive claims and correct the record. 1. False Claim: Julian Assange’s source … Read more
  • Assange-Pak NFT auction reaches more than $50 million
    9 February 2022 The much-anticipated auction of NFT collection ‘Censored’, a collaboration between political prisoner Julian Assange and renowned artist Pak reached more than $50 million today before the first part of the auction closed.The collection consists of two parts: an auction of a single artwork ‘Clock’ (1 of 1) and a separate pay-what-you-like Open Edition. The proceeds from the auctioned single … Read more
  • Assange-Pak NFT raises US $39 million ahead of auction today
    7 February 2022 The much-anticipated auction of NFT collection ‘Censored’, a collaboration between political prisoner Julian Assange and renowned artist Pak will launch today, the same day set by the UK Supreme Court for Julian Assange to file his appeal against US extradition. The collection consists of two parts: an auction of a single artwork ‘Clock’ (1 of 1) and a separate … Read more
  • ‘Censored’: Record-breaking artist Pak joins forces with Assange to make NFT history
    ‘Censored’ is a digital art collection created by NFT artist Pak in collaboration with imprisoned WikiLeaks-founder Julian Assange. The art collection titled ‘Censored’ will be unveiled shortly in time for the auction on February 7th. ‘Censored’ is shrouded in mystery and is set to make NFT history. Pak has dropped some hints with tweets about censorship and freedom. On January 5th, Pak’s … Read more
  • Assange extradition argument certified for UK Supreme Court appeal
    24 January 2022 In an extremely brief court hearing in London this morning, the UK’s High Court announced that it has certified a point of law for Julian Assange to be able to apply to appeal to the Supreme Court. The High Court ruled not to allow the appeal itself but to certify the question of what stage in the extradition hearing … Read more
  • Explanatory Background Note: High Court Decision in USA v Julian Assange Extradition Proceedings
    24 January 2022
  • Julian Assange’s Supreme Court Certification Application
  • The UK High Court will deliver its decision on Monday morning on the Assange case
    The UK High Court will deliver its decision on Monday morning at 10.45am about whether to permit Julian Assange to appeal the US extradition decision to UK Supreme Court on points of law of general public importance. Julian Assange’s fiancee Stella Moris will be there to give a statement. The judgment will either:1) Certify that the point(s) of law raised by Julian … Read more
  • High Court decision “Grave miscarriage of justice,” says Julian Assange’s fiancée
    A UK court has overturned an earlier decision blocking the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States where he is accused of publishing true information revealing crimes committed by the US government in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and details of CIA torture and rendition. Julian Assange was not given permission to attend the appeal hearing in person. … Read more
  • Assange Christmas Card
    Print and send Christmas cards – let people know about Julian’s case and the fight for a free press. PDF:
  • Messages for Julian Assange’s 50th Birthday
  • EDM 220 – Assange Meeting with Parliamentarians
    Please email your MP using our app to ask them to sign Early Day Motion 220. Motion Text: ‘That this House expresses its concern at the refusal of the UK Government and prison authorities to allow an online video meeting between Julian Assange and a cross-party group of British parliamentarians; notes that the request was first made in December 2020 in a … Read more
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